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Traffic Tickets

Nassau County, Long Island Traffic Tickets Lawyer

Speeding Ticket IN Nassau County, LONG ISLAND

Did you get a speeding ticket in Nassau County, Long Island? Don’t go to court alone. At Ezdrin & Woods, we’ll do all we can to make sure you don’t have to go to court at all!

Getting a speeding ticket in Nassau County, Long Island can subject you to a costly fine, points on your license and a possible increase in your insurance premium. Depending on your past driving history, a speeding ticket may result in the suspension of your license. Take the matter seriously. The County will. They will be represented by an attorney. You should be too.

Red Light Ticket

One of the most “innovative” ways local governments have recently “created revenue” was to install “Red Light Programs.” These programs involve Big Brother placing cameras at various intersections throughout Nassau County, Long Island. These cameras are utilized to ticket drivers that allegedly fail to stop at red lights.

Currently, the infraction follows the vehicle and not the actual driver. In other words, the person to whom the vehicle is registered is liable for the fine, not the person who is actually accused of running the light! While the registered owner is not subject to points on his license, the fines seem to be increasing as local governments have discovered a new way to collect revenue.

Liability on a “Red Light Ticket” is not always a slam dunk. The county attorney still has a burden of proof which must be met at trial, if the case goes that far. If your vehicle has been ticketed for a “Red Light” infraction, call the Traffic Attorneys at Ezdrin & Woods for assistance.

Moving Violations

If you’ve received a ticket for a moving violation in Nassau County, Long Island, you should call a Traffic Attorney that will work hard to protect your rights and minimize your liability and exposure. Whether you’ve been accused of failing to signal, unsafe lane change, going through a stop sign, failure to yield, ignoring a rail road crossing, passing a school bus, do not go to Traffic Court alone. Call the attorneys at Ezdrin & Woods and let us help you with your case. Many times, our clients do not need to take time from work or find a sitter in order to go to court.

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