nassau county divorce mediation

Divorce Mediation 

Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens Divorce Mediation

Sometimes marriages just don’t work. There may be no ill will towards either party, just a mutual realization that neither is happy and both wish to move on.

If you and your spouse find yourselves in this situation, we urge that you consider divorce mediation. Divorce mediation in Nassau County is usually the least controversial and therefore, the least expensive way to obtain a divorce. It is a relatively easy process that avoids many of the emotional entanglements that a full-fledged contested divorce may bring.

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

At Ezdrin & Woods, we offer divorce mediation services for residents of Nassau County. If you have arrived at the regrettable conclusion that your marriage is over, you should consider divorce mediation before either yourself or your spouse retains an attorney.

Divorce mediation might be the right choice for you if:

  • Your divorce is uncontested and you both can reasonably agree or believe you can reasonably come to some agreement regarding child custody, division of property/assets, maintenance, and child support

  • There are no children involved (or if there is custody/visitation is not going to be an issue) AND the marital assets/property are limited (for example: there is a house, two cars, a pension, and maybe some stocks or bonds)

  • Both spouses agree on how to resolve MOST of the issues involved with the divorce but need some guidance in resolving ALL of the disagreements

  • You both just want to be “done with it” and both spouses are just ready to move on.

If you believe that your situation resembles any of the above examples, call Ezdrin & Woods and schedule a consultation. We can help you mediate your divorce, save a lot of money in legal fees, and file all the requisite paper required by the court

Remember, divorce mediation is exactly that; a mediation. Both parties do not have to agree on everything prior to engaging mediation services. The mediator will explain the law to both spouses and provide guidance as to what is fair and equitable in regards to your dispute. The mediator will also help you resolve your disagreements without the expense of court intervention. For this reason, divorce mediation in Nassau County may be the best option depending on your circumstances.