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What Can I Do If My Child Needs Support?

If you live in Nassau County, your child needs support, and the non-custodial parent refuses to provide assistance, you should contact a Nassau County Child Support Attorney immediately. At Ezdrin & Woods, we will provide you a free consultation and inform you of your rights as well as the rights of your child.

Generally, in Nassau County, child support issues are commenced in Nassau County Family Court.

Before you go to Court, we encourage you to call the attorneys at Ezdrin & Woods so that we can assist you in obtaining everything your child is entitled to receive.

What If My Circumstances Have Changed and I Can’t Afford to Pay Child Support?

Remember, the Court has little to no interest in either of the child’s parents. It’s a cold but realistic fact. In Nassau County Family Court, the judges are usually focused on what’s best for your child. Most decisions made in Family Court consider the child’s interests above all others.

With that being said, sometimes there is a “substantial change in circumstances” requiring a reduction in the amount of support being paid. If you find you are unable to meet your current child support obligations, you should contact a child support attorney immediately.

At Ezdrin & Woods, we can help you with your current situation and guide you through the process required to obtain a reduction in child support. Make no mistake about it, both Nassau County Family Courts do not take such modifications lightly. However, if you meet the legal criteria, our firm will aggressively petition the Court in order to have your child support obligations properly reflect your current financial situation.

What If My Children Need More Child Support Than They Are Currently Receiving?

Sometimes, more support is necessary in order to meet the needs of the children. This is known as an “upwards modification." Under certain circumstances (including, but not limited to: increased needs of children due to special circumstances, additional activities of growing children, increased cost of living, loss of income by residential parent, etc.) Family Court can be petitioned for an increase in support.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact a Nassau County child support attorney in order to learn your rights and the rights of your children. Call the attorneys at Ezdrin & Woods for a free consultation.

Changes in Custody/ Visitation

Unfortunately, there are times when a change of physical custody becomes necessary. This could be due to many reasons, including substance abuse of the custodial parent, neglect, unsafe living conditions, abuse, or because the child’s basic needs are not being met.

If you feel that a change of physical custody is warranted, you can petition the Nassau County Family Court in order to act in the best interests of your children. The child custody attorneys at Ezdrin & Woods can help you with the petition and will aggressively represent you in court on the day of your hearing.

What if my spouse won't let me see my child?

If you are a non-custodial parent (the child does not live with you) you do have rights. You should protect those rights both for your sake, and the sake of your son or daughter. Further, your child has rights including the right to have a relationship with both parents. Should the custodial parent deny you access to your child, you can petition Nassau County Family Court in order to obtain proper visitation with your son or daughter.

If you have a visitation schedule in place, but the custodial parent is interfering with that schedule, or if wish to have an existing schedule modified, you should contact a Nassau County child visitation attorney. At Ezdrin & Woods, we can help you file the necessary petition and will aggressively represent you at your hearing.

Finding the right child custody or child visitation attorney can be difficult. Call the offices of Ezdrin & Woods and schedule your consultation. We are confident we can help you with your current situation.